First Nations Jersey Announcement!

In celebration of NAIDOC week we’re excited to unveil our stunning First Nations jersey by Indigenous artist Yalanda Kngwarraye Edwards who described the artwork as a story of the power of sportsmanship and respect.

The 2 gathering groups on the top & bottom of the jumper represent yourself as a team & the team you verse when you take the court, the dots that surround each group across the shoulders & bottoms of the guernsey represent your strength, grit & commitment in your own right as a team. 

the gathering group in the centre represents the 2 teams at the end of a match, coming together, shaking hands and upholding great sportsmanship no matter the results of the game or how tough it may have gotten on the court. 

The black U symbols down the side of the yellow strips represent paying our respects to elders past present & future & the traditional owner group the Bunurong people, it’s the importance of acknowledging them in all settings and I wanted a space individually to recognise that.  ” Yalanda Kngwarraye Edwards.

We would like to thank Yalanda for the beautiful artwork with an inspiring story and we are honoured to wear our First Nations jersey during NAIDOC week!

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