Monique Conti (36 points) Highlights vs. Hobart Chargers

Melbourne Tigers 109 def Hobart Chargers 87
The Melbourne Tigers have registered an impressive come-from-behind victory over the Hobart Chargers on the back of a pair of spectacular performances from two of its stars.
The Chargers led early, opening a 12 point lead which it would hold onto to close the first term.
Hobart guards Ellie Collins and Madeleine Garrick combined for 44 points and helped steer the side in the right direction before Melbourne came roaring back in the second term.
The Tigers stifled Hobart in the second quarter, holding the Chargers to just 14 points, while Monique Conti put her scoring stamp on the game.
The guard was hitting shots from all over the court, finishing the contest with 40 points to go along with seven rebounds and seven assists.
Conti was able to find these open looks thanks in part to the work of Zitina Aokuso, who tallied a triple-double in the game (19 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds).
Once the Tigers took the lead in the second term, the side never looked back, running away with the game in the final quarter to secure the 22-point win.