Senior Tigers Support

With the creation of the Melbourne Central Basketball Association (MCBA) we are bringing back together the various part of the Tigers ‘family’. One of the core objectives of the MCBA is to offer basketball pathways from starting out to competing at the highest levels.

Our Big V and NBL1 teams are proof of that, and the teams being built right now for 2023 have, as a foundation, a majority of previous junior Tiger athletes.

Running a senior program is complex and expensive. It is a semi-professional competition and the NBL1 attracts NBL, WNBL and overseas professional athletes.

The MCBA is reaching out to its community to seek assistance with supporting the senior programs.

There are three key areas we are looking for help:

1. Accommodation. We have athletes from other states and possibly other countries who require accommodation. The period is roughly March-August. Ideally close to the centre of Melbourne or readily accessible to MSAC via public transport. It could be a room in a house. A spare bedroom in a flat/unit/apartment or a bungalow ‘out the back’. Ideally, the athlete would have some of their ‘own space’. The Club can assist with offsets for utilities to ease the financial burden. When it works, having an athlete ‘home stay’ can be great. The family gets to meet a new person and gain greater insights into what it means to be a professional athlete. And the athlete gains a ‘new family’. When it works well friendships are made for ever.

2. Work. Many of our athletes are looking to supplement their playing fees with part-time work. If you can offer any part time work that can be a boon to the athlete. And we can try and match the athlete’s skill set and experience to the work offered.

3. Transportation. The Wiggles have a Big Red Car. Do you have an under-utilised vehicle that could be lent to an athlete while they are contracted to the Tigers? Can help athletes get to training and games and also to work opportunities. It does not have to be a brand-new Tesla. Just reliable, registered and roadworthy! The Club can help with insurance provisions, if required.

If you can help in the any of the three areas, please contact Chris Brooking on 0418 844 554. Or