Melbourne Tigers 69 def by Nunawading Spectres 105
The Nunawading Spectres have won its second game of the weekend, going on the road to beat Melbourne by 36 points.
The Spectres took the lead at the start of the game and never gave it up, forcing the Tigers to play from behind all contests.
Missing Peter Hooley and with some of Nunawading’s stars, like Dian Swetalla, struggling, the Spectres looked to the bench for an extra scoring punch, which the side found in the form of Trisan Devers.
Devers scored 26 points in just 20 minutes of action, connecting on five of his eight three-point attempts in the process.
Melbourne’s sharpshooter Felix von Hofe tried his best to match Devers, scoring 21 points and hitting four threes of his own, however the Tigers lack of size just couldn’t contend with Nunawading.
The Spectres pulled away in the second half, outscoring the Tigers 59-33 on its way to a clear victory.
The loss is the seventh in a row for Melbourne, which will go on the road to face Waverley next week.