The VJBL have advised that grading Phase 1 will commence either Friday 15th January or Friday 22nd January 2021. Confirmation will be issued next week.

In the meantime, attached is a recommended training guide from the Basketball Victoria HP team, to assist athletes and parents to help your daughters; improve their fitness, strength, conditioning and basketball skill set.

The BVic HP team recommends the following in relation to return to play:

a. Athletes have all undergone significant “detraining” over the past year!
b. Reduction of their fitness, conditioning, muscle tone, elasticity, ligament integrity, and in their specific skills, balance, agility and functional movement
c. Requires a minimum four (4) week Return To Play – enforce a slow and steady return – that is no YoYo tests in your first sessions!
d. We must be Leaders here – Demand/Plan for extensive warm-up, mobile/dynamic stretching, cool down, many breaks, reduced training/game times
e. Limit competitive drills in first four (4) weeks of return
f. PATIENCE – athletes must be managed to take it slow and to not “Make up for lost time”. We need to mutually best manage workloads and commitments of our athletes.
g. “Recovery” is of higher importance in your training management plans

Further communication will come out next week regarding confirming VJBL commencement date and information about the training schedule for Sunday 29th November 2020.

See you all Sunday and thank you

Tony Jackson